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The Redemption of Memphis Drake

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She thought I was handing her my heart. What I really gave her was a hand grenade set to blow her world apart.


Ours wasn’t your typical love story. Ours involved lies. A lot of lies. So many that at some point, I lost track of which ones were mine and which were hers.


Falling in love with her was never part of the plan, not that I had a choice in the matter. From the moment we met, she captivated me, making me forget who I was and why I was pulling this job in the first place. I would have cut out my heart and begged her to take it if she hadn’t already stolen it, claiming it for her own. It no longer mattered who was conning whom. She made me believe the impossible—that we could be happy together.


I should have known better. Con men don’t get happy endings.


It was always going to end this way. I was going to break her heart in the cruelest way possible, leaving her no choice but to hate me. And that’s what I did, shattering my own in the process. I stayed away as long as I could, but a man can only live without his heart for so long. Now I’m determined to get her back and convince her the love we shared was real. But could she ever love a professional liar?

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Warning: Excerpt contains language some may find offensive.

   The Fame Series

What if getting everything you ever wanted

cost you the only one you ever loved?


This author was brand new to me not 24 hours ago and I wish I'd found her sooner. This book has quickly made its way to my top 10 of 2018!
I was captivated when we first meet Alex and Colin. Their chemistry was off the charts from the get go. And it doesn't slow down. I loved the wealthy girl/hardworking boy aspect. And even more so that Alex didn't care about money etc, she just loved Colin for himself.
It's a fast-paced book with plenty of drama and a twist that left me hooked and reading faster!
Just as I finish writing this review, I have book 2 waiting on my kindle so straight onto that one!
I will definitely be reading more from Shay Stone! - Emma Johnston Ever Growing Book Obsession

"Shay Stone has taken her characters from The Rise to Fame and created one of the best displays of sacrifice brought about by true love that I have ever read. " - Author Danica Raimz

Wow! Emotional, heartfelt and chilling! I couldn’t put this book down. I loved the characters and couldn’t get enough of them. Their story was a crazy whirlwind of love and suspense. It was dark and gritty with an ending that will leave you breathless. Contemporary romance isn’t my go to genre but I would definitely recommend this series to not only fans of the genre but also anyone looking for a beautiful haunting love story. - Ashley Martinez I Love Books and Stuff Book Blog

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"Passionate and fiery romance. I want the 2nd book now! Shay Stone seamlessly interweaves her characters' lives into a wild, tempting, fateful story that will leave you needing more."
                                          - Amazon Customer

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