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Introduction to my Art

Welcome to my online gallery. Below are descriptions of my works. All are done in an acrylic medium. Colors on site may differ due to individual computer/phone settings. Each piece created is unique. If a work is commissioned, it will be similar, but will not be an exact replica. 


Pour Paintings

Ring, ribbon, dutch pours, etc and pours with purpose.


What is a "pour with purpose?" 


It is a painting that is poured and further manipulated to create a pour meets abstract feel.


Impressionism, Wildlife, and More

Small brushstrokes remain visible and light is used to create forms and give an impression of an image rather than a realistic depiction.  The painting is less about perfect details and more about hearing the waves, smelling the flowers, feeling the sunlight, and escaping into a place of happiness, and peace relaxation.


Abstract and Mixed Media

Relax your eyes and let your mind wander. The thing I love about abstracts is everyone sees something unique and experiences a different emotion.  Forms are taken to their most basic, distorted or completely imagined. There are no limits.


Mixed media combines various materials with acrylic paint to achieve textures that cannot be achieved with paint alone.

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