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Genre: Contemporary Romance

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The Redemption of Memphis Drake

She thought I was handing her my heart. What I really gave her was a hand grenade set to blow her world apart.


Ours wasn’t your typical love story. Ours involved lies. A lot of lies. So many that at some point, I lost track of which ones were mine and which were hers.


Falling in love with her was never part of the plan, not that I had a choice in the matter. From the moment we met, she captivated me, making me forget who I was and why I was pulling this job in the first place. I would have cut out my heart and begged her to take it if she hadn’t already stolen it, claiming it for her own. It no longer mattered who was conning whom. She made me believe the impossible—that we could be happy together.


I should have known better. Con men don’t get happy endings.


It was always going to end this way. I was going to break her heart in the cruelest way possible, leaving her no choice but to hate me. And that’s what I did, shattering my own in the process. I stayed away as long as I could, but a man can only live without his heart for so long. Now I’m determined to get her back and convince her the love we shared was real. But could she ever love a professional liar?

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The Rise to Fame

Colin Riley's past wasn't a pretty one. He'd worked hard to bury his demons. So when he crossed paths with Alexandra Vaughn, the daughter of the man that almost destroyed his life, he should have run. But he didn't. Instead, like an idiot, he fell in love. Alex was smart, talented, beautiful, and one of the most infuriating women Colin had ever met. From the second he laid eyes on her, he knew he'd do anything to make her his. Why else would he let her trick him into starring in some play?


It was just supposed to be a way to get close to her. How could he have known saying yes to the role would change their lives forever? But that's what happens when Richard Steed - the most sought-after agent in Hollywood swoops in promising to make all their dreams come true. It doesn't take long before the slick agent's true intentions become known turning him into their worst nightmare.


With a ghost from the past haunting them and an agent hell-bent on tearing them apart, is there any way Colin and Alex can survive The Rise to Fame?


The Rise to Fame is Book One in a two-book series. The second book, The Cost of Fame is now available.

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The Cost of Fame

Book Two in The Fame Series

What if getting everything you ever wanted cost you the only one you ever loved?

One night. One stupid night. That's all it took to tear Alex’s world apart and rip her heart in two. Thanks to Richard’s plan she believes Colin committed the ultimate betrayal and she can’t imagine ever forgiving him.


With Colin out of the way, Richard thinks his path to Alexandra is clear. But when he discovers another man vying for her affection, Richard is forced to up his game. With his obsession out of control, he takes drastic measures leaving Alex no choice. The only way to protect the people she loves is to agree to Richard’s terms and let Colin go forever.


After reluctantly giving her the space she requested, Colin returns home from a movie shoot determined to win Alex back. He won’t stop until she is back in his arms where she belongs. But she isn’t making it easy. Despite her continued attempts to push him away, it’s obvious she still loves him. Something isn’t right. If Colin doesn’t figure it out soon, one of them will be forced to pay the ultimate price.


Not all stories have a happy ending. Will Colin and Alex get theirs or will their love be The Cost of Fame?

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