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About the Author

Shay Stone

Shay Stone started her writing and artistic career after a car accident left her unable to read or look at a computer. Ironic, right? This lead her to pick up a paint brush and discover her passion for creating her own art. After many years, and hours of vision therapy ,  she wrote her first book.  


Originally from the suburbs of Detroit, she now  resides in Georgia with her dog, cat,  and other cat that thinks he is a dog. If you happen to be driving around Atlanta, there is a good chance you will see her dancing in her car and singing (poorly) to some ‘80s tune. She has no shame.


In 2016, her painting, The Dancer, was purchased for the Haidian Kaiwen Academy in Beijing, China. She has been commissioned for mural work and has displayed at the Rockmart Cultural Center. In 2020, her painting “Winter with You” was acquired by The Drew Ashworth Band and used as the cover for their single, “Stay.”


When not painting, Shay spends her time rescuing animals and writing. She has received nominations for Best Contemporary Romance Author at Literary Love Savannah and on the podcast, The Author Show.


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Personal motto: "Be the hero of your own life."

Favorite quote: "Well-behaved women rarely make history." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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